Cartier for the first time held a large-scale “étourdissant Cartier” senior Jewelry

October 2015, in the Garden City of Singapore, Cartier for the first time held a large-scale “étourdissant Cartier” senior Jewelry public exhibition, more than 60 pieces to the gem to make the debut, the Ultimate Precious diamond, sapphire, Emerald, ruby, and egg white stone, coral, tanzanite, Garnet, green jade pith and other precious stones, with exquisite artistry, strong color, domineering sexy and soft shape, the integration of a variety of beautiful, joy and magical sensory experience, the perfect display of of the ultimate aesthetic and exquisite craftsmanship.
The exhibition is located at the Pinacothque de Paris Art Museum, the first art museum in the Asia-Pacific region, which follows Tencent fashion to uncover the magnificent exhibits.
This is the exhibition with the same name of the necklace “Étourdissant”, it is worth billions, is the exhibition’s most expensive one of the high-grade jewelry. By the Platinum Jin granule outlines a clear and smooth geometric lines, with excellent technology paved with many diamonds, the flow of light and shadow extended to the central, condensed in a 34.96-carat pillow-shaped bright-cut beauty drill.
This d-color, IIA-type diamond has an excellent transparency, is the world’s most pure and one of the most desirable gems; exquisite craftsmanship gives this necklace two ways to wear, removing the bottom of the two-row chain can blossom another elegant chic light.
romanov–a legendary story
Legendary sapphire, like the shore Sunrise, from the sky fell blue.
Each precious jewel contains a legendary story in the new series of Cartier’s senior jewellery etourdissant Cartier … Cartier has shown a noble jewel with a glorious history. From Maria Feodo’s queen Maria Feodorovna to maverick opera actress Gana Vasca (Ganna Walska), from Romanov court to Cartier workshop, from the past to the present, the gem has performed a stunning odyssey, And a legendary story that will continue to write about the future.
This is a dazzling fan of rainbow Color Ceylon Sapphire, full faceted rose pillow cutting, 197.80 carats, and its past history as unparalleled. This long and undulating history is full of mystery, but also makes the gem itself more fascinated.
The Misty Gem was first unveiled in the winter of St. Petersburg in 1883, when Vladimir Grand Duke held an unprecedented masquerade in the name of his brother Alexander, whose theme was “The Russian nobility of the 16 and 17th century”. Later married to Tsar Alexander and became queen of the Tsar, Maria Feodo Lauren (Maria Feodorovna) specially tailored a jewel-studded tapestry dress for the prom, causing a sensation, She was said to have a great taste. The two diamond-encrusted sapphire brooch in the jewel case was stitched above the floral embroidery at the bottom of the skirt, one of which was most likely inlaid with the sapphire, which was exhibited today at .
1917, the revolution broke out. In 1919, Maria fled to the country of Denmark, leaving a great deal of souvenirs, furniture and jewellery in Russia-including this precious sapphire. These items were occupied by the Bolsheviks, deposited in the Kremlin, and escaped the ravages of civil war across the country. In 1922, the Soviet government appointed mineralogical biologist Alexander Fesman (Alexander Fersman) to inventory the jewels that belonged to the deposed royal family, which recorded the carved sapphire. After that, mysteriously disappeared, missing in Russia.

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