Cartier followed the spirit of ancient and modern

It was not until 2014 that the sapphire came to Cartier and Cartier gave the sapphire a new life. After brooch, necklace, today it is in a meaningful style and bright design, is inlaid on a bracelet, below is the diamond-paved curved thin lattice, each side inlaid a triangular diamond, foil its indescribable magnificent bright, seems to celebrate its dazzling fascinating and promising fate.
60 pieces of jewellery debut exhibition
Agas Fruit brocade Pouch–hot and bright
The iconic fruit brocade pouch works, the eternal spring flowers a dream.
Agas Fruit Pouch
The dazzling ruby, Eijun Emerald, clear sapphire and diamond buds are lightly inlaid on the platinum surface, building the traditional Indian plant shape … This colorful bright necklace uses the “Fruit brocade pouch” (as Frutti) style design, highlights the central emerald pendant, exudes the rich and unrestrained tropical style. Carved emerald Weighing 37.37 carats, 2 carved water droplets emerald weighing 40.98 carats, triangular carving sapphire weight 24.13 carats, 4 carving center gems can also be removed, and individually worn into a .
Inheritance and innovation of ancient technology of cisela–
Golden carving of the ancient craft, clever smart, lifelike, like soaring.

has always been the heritage and innovation of ancient crafts, the ancient decorative crafts-gold engraving is given in this work. Gold engraving first appeared in ancient Greek bronze statue, unlike the ordinary carving process, gold engraving will not be carved because of the cutting of raw materials, but using hammering and polishing tools to fill and compress it to change the shape of the metal surface.
Andaman Necklace
With graceful oriental amorous feelings and sapphire poetic hazy day of Blue clever collocation, bring a refreshing feeling refreshing.
The main character of the necklace is the 44.47-carat pillow-shaped Burmese sapphire, which may come from the legendary valley of the Vale, with its pure, full-bodied colours, reflecting the ecstatic “royal blue” rays reminiscent of the Ammandahai beauty of the distant deep. While the light gray natural pearls weighing up to 20.40 lattices, with graceful oriental style and sapphire’s poetic and hazy blue sky, bring refreshing freshness.
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Cartier followed the spirit of ancient and modern, there are many handed down to make, so that fans of the past deeply loved.

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